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Zero Stains is a charity initiative that reaches out to girls and young women from impoverished backgrounds in Busia County . As the name suggests the initiative is keen on wiping out the 'stains' that prevent young women and girls from reaching their potential. These stains include poverty related challenges, Abuse and Violence, harmful cultural practices eg arranged marriages, unplanned pregnancies and drug abuse. We are dedicated to empowering girls and women and giving them a second chance to pursue their dreams.

Educate Children

The initiative is keen on ensuring all girls get access to quality education regardless of their backgrounds. Zero Stains partners with other organizations and individuals for schorlaships to help pay school fees for the needy girls in school.

Sexual Reproduction Health

Zero Stains has been giving menstrual health education to girls in primary and secondary school. In addition to that we have been able to donate sanitary towels and under pants to 12 schools in Busia county.

Jitegemee Initiative

This programmes reaches out to girls who are of school going age but are not in school due to different reasons like they already have families and young children to look after. We partner with other individuals to train them on how to generate income.

Motivate our Girls

We hold mentorship events where we invite other women to mentor our girls. We also have a programe called 'adopt a girl' where we identify and connect the girls to a mentor who guide them and encourage them.


Empowering girls and women to reduce poverty and dependency.


There are many illetrate girls and women in Busia county, Kenya. This low literacy negatively impacts not just their lives but also their families' and the girl's lack of education also has a negative impact on the health and well being of her children. Zero Stains has had the following achievements in empowering girls and women of Busia county.

Provided Education

Sexual reproduction health education

Jitegemee initiative

Motivational talks


Total beneficiaries of Zero Stains are 847

7 active donors today.

How We Work?

Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together - Paul Ryan. How we work can be summarised as follows:

  • We identify young girls and women from needy backgrounds with the help of teachers and village administrators.
  • We then identify the specific need of each of them. This could be in terms of sanitary towels, mentorship or source of income for their family.
  • After which we look for funds/ interventions to meet their needs.
  • Distribute the funds to each individual.
  • Follow up on the progress of the beneficiaries.



We care about our donors and beneficiaries. Have questions about how you could donate towards this initiative? or how we work? Contact us and our team will make sure you have received the best information possible.


Busia is located in western Kenya. It borders Lake Victoria to the south and Uganda to the west.

ADDRESS : 121-50409, Nambale, Kenya


Elevate girls and young women from impoverished backgrounds in Busia County.

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