Zero Stains is a charity initiative that reaches out to girls and young women from impoverished backgrounds in Busia County.

By Karen on Feb 28, 2019

Harmful traditional practices disguised as 'Rites of passage' or 'Cultural Obligations" rob girls and women of their rights to make decisions that affect theirlives. These retrogressive cultures must be put in the past and girls given a chance to exploit their full potential.

Girls’ Education: Giving child Mothers a second chance
By Karen on May 9, 2018

Despite the government and different organizations putting in effort to reduce school dropout rates among girls, pregnancy related dropout rate still continues to be high especially in rural areas. A large percentage of girls who get pregnant while in school choose to end their studies because they feel it’s the end of the road for them. In spite of being given second chances to go back to school after delivery, most of these girls refuse because they are afraid of facing stigma from te...

What being a girl means in my community
By Kanyi on Mar 26, 2018

The African girl in my community is less privileged, her status in terms of gender is a gate pass to all evils. In fact, vulnerability is her middle name. She has become a victim of all the bad traditions, something according to her she can’t rescue herself because that will be termed as rebellion.

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